The Global DigiMax team has just come back from a two-week trip to HongKong

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We had many successful meetings and it was good to be back again after our two-month trip to Hong Kong in summer 2018.

On DigiMax first trip in 2018 no one talked about STO in Hong Kong and we were one of the first companies to start voicing this topic and communicate with many leaders in this industry. On this trip things changed – people have become more receptive of this trending topic and are interested in the Security Token Offering. This time we had a lot of meetings with top companies in the industry that are the leaders in STO Asian market and we managed to strenthen our relationships with them. A very important annoucement to follow shortly about the companies who signed strategic partnership with DigiMax as more and more leading companies are interested to grow their business in the Canadian market.

The following DigiMax team members participated in Blockchain Hong Kong Week and Token 2049: Dennis O’Neill, Greg Limon, Ismail Malik, Casey C., Prof. Graham Leach, Joshua Galloway, Brad Bulent Yasar, Stan Milc, Vlad.