How Does FlyerDrop Work?

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Flyerdrop is a unique service for the distribution of security token information through the largest blockchain conferences.

Any regulatory-compliant startup can publish a certain number of flyers, which will be printed and handed out to potential investors. Members can immediately make better buying decisions form this information.

How does FlyerDrop work?

  1. We create a QR code for your company.
  2. The QR code is embedded on a flyer.
  3. Users who receive a flyer scan your company QR code and they will see all your project details. Your team, description, whitepaper, links to SM, and more!

We print the flyers and distribute them at events like the Blockchain cruise earlier this year.
You don’t have to attend events to promote your project anymore.

Previous events

Forget paying for sponsorships, flights, and hotel.
Trust that our Flyer Drop Team and beautiful hosts distribute your company information.

Flyerdrop clients